Do love spells work? Does a crocodile tooth encourage sexual potency?

Created and hosted by Genevieve Gaunt, THE CUPID COUCH is a mashup of modern-day love stories and historical investigation to find out how we’ve been getting into a tangle over love for thousands of years.

From catfishing to codpieces, the Tudors to Tinder, the Renaissance to rom-coms; THE CUPID COUCH podcast uses the past to make sense of the present.

Genevieve Gaunt interviews guests on a a spectrum of age, sexual orientation, and perspectives. From actor and activist Rose McGowan on toxic love, to trans-advocate and porn star Buck Angel on fetishes and Australian author Kathy Lette’s legendary tale of revenge. 

From ancient sex manuals to filthy letters, heartbreak and falling head-over-heels; when it comes to matters of the heart- it seems that everything has changed and nothing has changed…..

Or has it? 

Listen, and find out.